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Tell us about your experiences with reading and analyzing financial statements Including balance sheets, P&L statements, and general ledgers. 

The Management program enables students within the program to have basic financial literacy, including the ability to analyze financial statements. I have also worked with the Department of National Defence as a Business Planning Coordinator and was also tasked with analyzing financial statements and spreadsheets. Basic understanding from past employment and my academic program, however I currently hold the position of VP Finance and Operations, so I am very familiar with all of the above documents as they are a part of my daily work routine.


Tell us about your experiences with creating, monitoring, and adhering to budgets. 

I do consider myself do be fairly financial responsible as I have had to work several jobs and have had many expenses throughout my university time. I have held the position of treasurer throughout many volunteer positions as well. Again, I currently hold the position of VPFO. This year has been incredibly challenging to adhere to and monitor the budget as we have had over six staff turnover during my time in this job, which has very large financial implications. With this, we have still been able to achieve a surplus for our bottom line.


Tell us about your experiences with completing bank reconciliations. 

Not only have I completed them before, but I have also done treasurer training with over 100 individuals on societies this year and have taught them how to complete them. Almost all individuals who have attended my training properly complete their bank reconciliations for their audits.


Tell us about your experiences with accounting software. 

I am fairly familiar with Quickbooks, and also have the ability to build Excel spreadsheets for budgetary purposes. I am also familiar with building Excel sheets with several pivot tables.



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