My name is Chantal Khoury, and  I am 22 year old true blue Haligonian. I am a first generation immigrant, and I am fully bilingual in both English and French. I am passionate about environmental and political issues, leadership, culinary, and corporate social responsibility. I am a fourth year Bachelor of Management student majoring in Environment, Sustainability & Society here at Dalhousie University, and am ready to get more involved with student issues.

As a Management student, there’s more stress on being taught how to be a leader, and allocate your resources effectively to drive the goals of the organization forward.

The DSU executive is full of leaders. I’m taught to work with other leaders so we can best allocate our skills and drive the organization forward, depending on the needs of the individuals it serves. As a sustainability student, you’re taught to be problem solver, and to look for problems that may not even exist yet. You’re taught to provide a full analysis of your environment, and how you can improve it. These two programs have made me especially passionate about corporate social responsibility, and community engagement.

This year I was given the opportunity to become a Street Team Campaign Leader with the Student Union. Doing so connected me with more student issues and want to sow the seeds to move forward towards an accessible, accountable, inclusive and transparent university.